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International Property Awards

Residential High Rise Development та Apartment/Condominium

In 1929, in Hollywood, the first statuettes were awarded to the winners of the Oscar. In 1993, London hosted the first International Property Awards ceremony for real estate.

What unites them?

Oscar in real estate is called the annual London awards

Both awards are won by the best. The best in cinema. The best in real estate.

The winners of both awards become a kind of starting point for us. The Hollywood Prize is awarded to films, directors, composers, actors who are worth paying attention to in the amazing variety of modern cinema.

The London Prize recognizes real estate objects that are important for investment, life, work, recreation, the number and quality of which is growing and increasing every year.

The winners of both awards become part of history forever. Movie stories. Real estate history.

We are proud to announce that the Edeldorf Hills luxury complex has gone down in history twice. He received two awards at once at the expert international competition International Property Awards - Residential High Rise Development and Apartment / Condominium. The victory in the second nomination went to spectacular penthouses with an atrium, whose ceilings are up to 6 meters high. Their interiors and layouts were carefully designed by the designers of the Milan studio Lazzarotti Associati.

We are grateful to all project participants, Ukrainian creators - designers of the Yodezeen studio, landscape designers Ldesign, architect Baust Architects Yuri Udaltsov, founder and art director of Expolight Nikolay Kabluk.

Life at Edeldorf Hills is an opportunity to join history.

Let's create it together!