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star 2021

Staronavodnytska str, 42-44

Premium apartments

on the Pechersk Hills

A modern house in the middle of the historic center. The silence of green parks and the business district just two steps away. Canonical landscapes 360°. Edeldorf Hills is a wish that has come true.


Five parks nearby


Pechersk Landscape Park


For those who have

high requirements

A thoughtful planning is ready to become a canvas for a refined interior. Panoramic windows fill the rooms with light. And there’s even a real fireplace. Edeldorf Hills raises luxury to new heights.

A place where every meeting is

not accidental

Business meeting or relaxation for a live piano concert - in a chic lobby. Family day in a cozy park on a stylobate. Or a party on the roof with a view of the fire of Kiev. Just go beyond the threshold of the apartment and you are in the center of life.

  • 550 design lobby
  • 2000 outdoor lounge
  • 750 roof terrace


green towers

A fresh architectural image in the city panorama imitates the picturesque slopes of the Dnieper and the majestic history of Kyiv.

Luxury at first sight


A design lobby like in a five-star hotel is equally enjoyable to arrange a meeting, have a coffee or listen to live music.

Like a country club,

but at home

Recreation and sports areas, a swimming pool, and a real rooftop park are only available to the complex residents.

Observation deck

Observation deck

An open lounge with transparent noise protection screens overlooking the Motherland Monument

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