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Edeldorf Hills is a homage to the glorious history of Kyiv. Exquisite facades imitate the historic architecture and picturesque nature of the Pechersk Hills.

With each floor, the number of green fine stoneware panels decreases, and the amount of glass increases—the translucent facade adds lightness to the buildings. It seems as if the house is hovering in the weightlessness of the air.

The elegant architecture of Edeldorf Hills is a fresh accent that harmoniously complements the Kyiv panorama.

The facade is lined with azure green craft tiles—the world has never seen such a color before. The best Italian masters created these fine stoneware panels with the effect of oxidized copper.



Edeldorf Hills creators

Yuriy Udaltsov

BAUST Architects

on the air geometry of the facades and the bold choice of decoration