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Futura Hata entered TOP-5 rating of capital developers


According to the rating of the financial portal, the Ministry of Finance has identified companies - developers who build houses on schedule and on time. Among the leaders who systematically fulfill their obligations and meet the construction deadlines is the development company Futura Hata.

Futura Hata has been implementing investment projects in development for over 15 years, among our cases: IQ Business Center, Comfort Town Residential Complex. An ambitious team that is rapidly gaining momentum, which is why the experience gained in participating in joint projects allows you to build complexes on time and not compromise on quality.

 Для нас - це перший рейтинг, тому важливо, що сумлінна робота команди отримала високу оцінку поряд з компаніями, що роками зводять житло в столиці.

За даними рейтингу Futura Hata відзначена за кількістю квадратних метрів, що були здані в експлуатацію та в загальному лістингу компаній, що виконали зобов’язання.   

Наша компанія зайняла п’яте місце у рейтингу, і друге за кількістю зданих квартир, ввівши у 2021 декілька черг житлового комплексу Svitlo Park - 46490,3 кв.м., 892 квартир. Це новий житловий район поруч із Печерськом, де втілюється концепція “місто в місті”. 

For us, this is the first rating, so it is important that the conscientious work of the team was highly praised along with companies that have been building housing in the capital for years.

According to the rating, Futura Hata is marked by the number of square meters that were put into operation and in the general listing of companies that have fulfilled their obligations.

Our company took the fifth place in the ranking, and the second in the number of apartments handed over, introducing in 2021 several queues of the residential complex Svitlo Park - 46,490.3 square meters, 892 apartments. This is a new residential area near Pechersk, where the concept of "city within a city" is embodied.

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