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Special offer from EDELDORF HILLS "Personal installment plan. Terms you offer"

Buying real estate in EDEDLORF HILLS, as part of a special offer, you can choose the terms of installments:

  • the amount of the first installment - from 20% to 100%.
  • special individual value depending on the amount of the first payment.
  • repayment schedule of other payments: quarterly, three large payments for the entire period.

Terms of validity of the special offer "Personal installment terms. Terms you offer":

  • The offer is valid from 27.05.21. по 30.12.21г.
  • Individual terms of purchase are reflected in the contract, in the schedule of the next payments.
  • This special offer is valid for all EDEDLORF HILLS apartments, which are available for sale and which are not subject to other special offers that eliminate these conditions.

In order to take advantage of this special offer you need:

  • contact the EDEDLORF HILLS office at 38 (044) 290 18 07 for an initial telephone consultation and an appointment for a personal consultation.
  • to come to the EDEDLORF HILLS office at vul. Staronavodnytska, 42-44, choose the right real estate option.
  • with the help of your personal manager - make a personal installment schedule that suits you.
  • enter into a contract.
  • make payments according to your chosen individual schedule.

An individual payout schedule provides maximum opportunities to effectively manage your cash flow during the real estate investment period.

For advice and drawing up an individual installment schedule that is right for you, call 38 (044) 290 18 07.