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Construction progress May

May 2021

Construction of EDEDLORF HILLS continues on schedule.

Works performed in the house №1 :

  • Arrangement of formwork, concreting of the parapet and vertical elements of the roof of the 27th floor.
  • Brickwork of walls and partitions of 20-22 floors.
  • Punching holes in the brickwork for the installation of sewer branches on 4-9 floors.
  • Grinding of 24-25 floors.

Works performed in the house №2:

  • Dismantling of the floor slab formwork of the 25th floor.
  • Installation of ventilation units on 18-19 floors.
  • Brickwork of walls and partitions of 18-20 floors.
  • Installation of metal jumpers on the 20th floor.

Already at the stage of construction, you can choose your apartment layout - classic or individual project.

Buying a property in EDEDLORF HILLS gives you the opportunity to choose not only the layout, but also the additional area of the apartment, as it provides the opportunity to combine adjacent apartments at the request of customers. As a result, the client receives individual planning and exclusive area of luxury housing.

Highly professional engineers and builders will perform planning of any complexity on your project.

We will be happy to advise you on the apartments and benefits of EDEDLORF HILLS