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Construction progress July

July 2021

The beginning of the month is the best time for good news. Therefore, we are pleased to report to you on the status of construction work in July at EDELDORF HILLS.

In the house №1:

✔️ installation of ventilation blocks of the 26th floor is completed;

✔️ brick masonry of walls and partitions to the roof;

✔️ adjustment of window frames of 9-10 floors;

In the house №2:

✔️ concreting of stairwells and marches to the 25th floor;

✔️ brick masonry of walls and partitions of 21-23 floors;

✔️ concreting of a plate of a machine room is begun;

✔️ casting of monolithic structures under the pool on the roof;

We invite you to see for yourself.