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Construction progress in September

September 2021

Work is underway on the EDELDORF HILLS construction site! We share with you a digest for September.

In the house №1:

- installation of heating risers on stairwells up to the 25th floor is underway;

- installation of windows, window frames, glazing up to the 15th floor continues;

- floor screed up to the 14th floor is being laid;

- work on the installation of fans has begun;

- installation of a heating system up to the 20th floor was performed;

- horizontal water supply to the 17th floor is being carried out;

- equipment is installed in the boiler room;

- installation of chimneys is carried out.

In the house №2:

- concreting of stairwells and marches to the 26th floor was completed;

- brickwork of walls and partitions to the 26th floor is finished;

- concreting of the slab of the engine room is completed;

- installation of water supply and heat supply pipes up to the 26th floor;

- all roofing works are completed.

We invite you to see for yourself.