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Construction progress in January

January 2022

Happy start to the year!

House number 1

  • Completed electrical wiring on the floors.
  • The construction of weak jet networks continues.
  • The installation of fire protection systems for the house, double-glazed windows in light-protective structures continues.
  • The installation of a hinged ventilated facade has begun.
  • The installation of air conditioner frames has been completed.
  • Doors were installed in common areas up to the 16th floor.
  • Completed work on finishing the technical premises of the roof and boiler room.

House number 2

  • Roofing work in progress around the house.
  • Arranged and decorated technical rooms.
  • Works on the installation of metal-plastic light-shielding structures have been completed.
  • Work has begun on the installation of low-jet networks, fire protection systems.
  • Works on the installation of a cement-sand screed were completed.
  • The installation of fire protection systems, plastering, has begun; stalemate.
  • Work is underway to install smoke exhaust and ventilation systems, a water fire extinguishing sprinkler system.
  • Installation of two ITAs has been completed and installation of the third ITR has begun.

Work has begun on the insulation of technical premises and parking spaces.