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Хід будівництва вересеень 2023

October 2022

We continue construction, and report on new stages: the building has begun to be "dressed up" - installation of the facade.

House 1

- Low current networks: - laying of cables for SCS systems 4-24 floors;

- Electrical networks: - lighting of technical premises;

- Arrangement of SPOK: 80%;

- Arrangement of the NVF: 80%;

- Plastering of the walls of the MZK (corridors) - 23rd floor;

- Installation of two elevators of 630 kg and one of 1000 kg;

- The installation of the 1000 kg elevator has been completed, commissioning works;

- Installation of fire doors: - on internal stairs up to the 15th floor;

- Execution of internal gas supply works;

- Manufactured and delivered to the facility for installation of fire doors of elevator halls;

- The cleaning of the MZK - corridors on the residential floors has begun;

- Laying floor-wall tiles - 4, 5, 6 floors.

House 2

- Completion of wiring of heating networks, installation of radiators on the 26th floor;

    - Electrical networks: - installation of MZK lighting networks on the 22nd floor;

- Arrangement of SPOK: 90%;

- Arrangement of the NVF: 90%;

- Plastering of the walls of the MZK, internal stairs;

- Installation of two 630 kg elevators and two 1000 kg elevators;

   - Installation of fire doors: - on the internal stairs to the 14th floor;

- Performing work on the improvement of the operated roof;

- Manufactured and delivered to the facility for installation of fire doors in elevator halls.


- Installation of technical underground ventilation systems;

- Installation of the air support system on the +4,400;

- Completion of works on the installation of a light lantern in the ceiling of the first floor;

- Performance of adjustment work in the pump room;

- Carrying out work on strengthening the stalemate;

- Execution of works on the insulation of the main heating line;

- Installation of fire doors in technical premises.

Work has begun on the insulation of technical premises and parking spaces.