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Construction progress August

August 2021

August at EDELDORF HILLS was extremely productive!

The complex connects water supply and sewerage to the city networks. Boiler equipment of the German brand Buderus was also delivered to the site.

In the house №1:

- completed laying of walls and partitions to the 26th floor;

- arranged grounding to the 9th floor;

- installation of heating risers on stairwells up to the 25th floor is underway;

- installation of windows, window frames, glazing up to the 11th floor continues;

- installation of ventilation units is completed;

- installation of a heater, reinforcement of a coupler of roofs to 26 floors is carried out;

- floor screed to the 7th floor;

- installation of radiators to the 17th floor is performed.

In the house №2:

- concreting of stairwells and marches to the 26th floor was completed;

- brickwork of walls and partitions to the 26th floor is finished;

- concreting of the machine room slab has been completed;

- installation of pipes of a riser to the 25th floor is conducted;

- installation of water supply and heating pipes up to the 17th floor is carried out;

- work on the construction of the pool continues.

Stylobate and parking:

- installation of formwork and concreting of vertical elements is carried out.

We invite you to see for yourself.