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24/7 concierge service, professional property management, security systems, and personal dry cleaning—Edeldorf Hills does everything to make you comfortable.

The house is a space that does not end with a threshold, but begins with the smile of the service team, always ready to help.

Home begins with the service

Home begins with the service

Your home at Edeldorf Hills is not limited to an apartment. It starts with the smile of the service team, always ready to help.

concierge service

concierge service

The concierge will be happy to assist you with any questions. They will:
  • order dinner
  • receive delivery
  • order tickets or taxi
  • transfer documents
  • take clothes from the dry cleaner
  • Real estate management

    Real estate management

    The management company will find tenants for your property, carry out minor repairs or cleaning.

  • High-class privacy

    High-class privacy

    The access control system and video surveillance will not allow unauthorized persons to enter the complex.

  • Personal dry cleaning

    Personal dry cleaning

    The concierge will take care of your belongings—you will get them clean in a few hours.

  • Parking


    The apartment complex has three underground and aboveground parking lots, and storage areas for bikes and strollers.