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Lower terrace

There is a cozy landscape park in the yard, accessible only to Edeldorf Hills residents, and an observation deck overlooking the Motherland Monument.

Spreading crowns of trees, interweaving paths, walking areas and green gardens — nature is just outside your apartment. The observation deck is equipped with noise protection screens so that the city’s noise doesn’t interfere with your rest. And while you enjoy the city panorama, try a French croissant in a cafe on the terrace.

5 parks near


Pechersky Landscape Park

View cafe with a terrace

A cafe with a view of Kiev and the Motherland, where it is pleasant to have breakfast and spend time with a cup of coffee or working.

Park and garden

There are green gardens and air coolers on the territory and reservoirs located throughout the park.

Walking area

Own indoor park, where it is pleasant to walk in silence and shade of trees.


Thoughtful playgrounds where children can walk safely, and enough space for everyone.