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EDELDORF HILLS by installments +24 months


The hot summer gave way to autumn, and the temperature in the atmosphere dropped, and we at EDELDORF HILLS continue the season of hot deals. From today - your own apartment with a historical view is yours in installments for 24 months.

It is very easy to become a resident of Edeldorf Hills and enjoy the atmosphere and history of Kiev from your window. A contribution of at least 20% of the cost of the apartment allows you to choose an additional installment plan after commissioning: for 12 or 24 months. *

This means that plans are quickly becoming reality. We live today without postponing happiness until tomorrow, because the market value of a premium class apartment is constantly and steadily growing, and you pay only interest according to your personal plan and plan expenses without freezing all the money while waiting for the apartment.

Everything changes in a turbulent world, but what has value today and tomorrow will be in demand. The trend of rising prices for premium real estate in the capital remains relevant for everyone, both for those who are economical and for supporters of status square meters.

Let the number of happy owners of apartments with a unique atmosphere grow: we are sincerely convinced that beauty will save the world and it starts from your home. Therefore, choose a conceptual modern real estate in the very center of the capital, using the privileges of the installment plan from the developer.

We have prepared a hot offer for the velvet sales season in the legendary house EDELDORF HILLS - your status property in the capital is enough to call.

* details of your personal installment plan by phone